Ocean Lava Triathlon Tenerife

After nearly 2 years living on Lanzarote, this was my first trip to one of the other Canary Islands. Half triathlon Ocean Lava Tenerife, the opener of the season, the three months without triathlons are passed by quickly, time for some serious work again! A perfect race to see how I perform and whether the trainings already pay off.

The target? Winning in a swimming time of 30 minutes, 80km on the bike in 2 hours and a bit and half marathon under 1h30 (4:18 / km).

After the start two triathletes flew ahead like dolphins, I followed with another girl, knowing that I will never leave the water as first. The 1.9km felt good and steady: 30 minutes, in 4th position. In T1 I passed number 3 and I opened the hunt towards the leaders. The first race on my new Scott, I was looking forward to it, as he is super comfortable and I seem to push the watts easier. The legs felt horrible, but I know that I always need some time to get warm. I had the girls in my sight, because of the 5 not very spectacular loops, but the legs kept feeling though. Then I remembered the words of my coach: “You’re ready to fly, but in the beginning you may not feel great.” Only the last 20km seemed to feel a little easier and in the end I finished the nearly 80km (76) in exactly 2 hours.

With a big lead I left T2, guided by a cyclist with the sign “first female”, so that all the supporters knew that I was the first lady in the race. That made the 5 loops of 4km almost a victory run, because it was bursting with encouragement. The bad legs seemed to be left in the transition zone, I was flying and there seemed not to be any space for fatigue. My kilometers lasted no more than 4 minutes and 10 seconds, wondering whether I would keep this up, but it felt too easy to drop to 4:18 / km. It resulted in 20.3km in 1h24 and a finish time of 3:59:34! 💪🏽

The swim and run gives a lot of confidence, and the bike is already good anyway 😉. I have again fulfilled my goal, super happy with this first victory of the season!

I greatly enjoyed the entourage and all the encouragement on the way, goosebumps, the triathlon world is a beautiful world! 😍
















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