The Queen of Greystones

Words can’t describe my experience last weekend at the King of Greystones Charity Triathlon in Ireland.

Team Gavin Glynn

I got involved into this after making a favor for a friend after Ironman Lanzarote: “Please can you make a video message for all the participants of our charity triathlon, as you will inspire them being a professional triathlete?!” In the next 5 minutes I practiced saying ‘King of Greystones triathlon’ fluently, and the message was made. As a joke I said, maybe I can try and come over.. We found out that Ironman 70.3 Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) takes place on the 25th of August, which would fit in my raceplan. So the plan was made: I become ambassador of the King of Greystones / The Gavin Glynn Foundation, race and support this charity race, check out the 70.3 course and build up a fanclub which will support me in August 😉.

Packed with winter clothes I headed off to Ireland on Thursday, fortunately it was pretty nice weather! Friday we rode the IM 70.3, absolutely amazing, a tough but wonderful course. Followed by the 3 loops run course on Saturday, flat as a pancake, but the wind can make it tough. The spectators will make the party here. I haven’t swim on the course, but at least I’ve found out that I can hold a 1900m swim in a ‘non-Lanzarote-temperatured-sea’. Two guys enjoyed training with me, well… that’s what they said… after this intensive two days I was ready for the sprint triathlon, some might needed another ‘taper’…

Family Glynn

A clearblue sky on raceday, it was going to be a wonderful day. They welcomed me like a super star, truly unbelievable, I’m just Tessa… After countless pictures and selfies, I racked my bike and prepared myself for this 750m swim, 18km bike and 5km run. All together, 600 participants in total, we walked to the beach, where we started in 3 waves.

The sea was choppy, tough for the first-timers. I tried to follow some feets and felt fine, happy I didn’t got cold. On the bike I didn’t wanted to take any risk, still a bit afraid after my crash. I just enjoyed see everybody giving their best.

The run was a nice route along the beachfront and the harbour. I knew some guys expected me to give all and win, even overall. I was in 3rd position with number 2 right in front of me, but we were running more or less the same pace. Slowly I came closer, it wasn’t easy but after 1h10 I passed the finishline as 2nd. It was like I was racing on Lanzarote, everybody was cheering and shouting my name, very special.

The circus started again: photo’s, interviews, prize giving with champaign shower and… a ride through Greystones in the back of a Jeep! 🤩 I really need to practice how to wave like a Queen👸🏽. It was so much fun this day! The pictures say all…

In the afternoon we went for a relaxed coffee ride, just because I couldn’t get enough of the stunning views and because I didn’t want to stop for anything on Friday. Serious training, no time for nonsense, the guys must have thought I’m crazy..🙄 Guess what.. coming on top of a climb, there’s a ‘coffee car’ in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains. Now that’s what I call a coffee ride!

We ended the day with a dinner and something I didn’t saw coming… A chocolate cake and 9 men singing “Happy Birthday dear Tessa”, isn’t that lovely?! 🥰 I’ve had an unforgetable weekend and as I said, I can’t describe it with words, but the pictures are saying enough. They were so pleased to have me there, and I was so pleased to be there and inspire other with what I do. I can’t wait to come back in 3 weeks to race Ironman 70.3 and have them all along the course, cheering me on.

Rest me to say: massive well done to all the finishers and specially the first-timers. I started triathlon to challenge myself, no matter what’s happening around me. Working on your goals and reaching them with pride is one of the best feelings in life, so keep challenging yourself, sometimes with suffer but always with a smile! 😃💪🏽


Special thanks to Rob and John for making this possible and thanks to everyone else for laughing and being part of these days. The smile is still not from my face, it will be there for long. Ireland and The Gavin Glynn Foundation is in my heart now❤️💙💛

The Gavin Glynn Foundation

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