Ocean Lava Lanzarote – end good, all good…

“Are you crazy?!” was what everybody asked when I told to race Ocean Lava. Well accually they didn’t asked, they just said I’m crazy. Only two weeks ago I was flying over the Ironman carpet in Hawaï and became World Champion AG30-34. All the memories still in my mind but the body doesn’t remember anything anymore. Well recovered and with still a lot of exciting to push hard ome more time, I was yesterday at the start of Ocean Lava half distance triathlon in my hometown Lanzarote. Yes I’m crazy, crazy about racing!

At 1:30 the night before I still wasn’t asleep, the problem of training less. I have loads of energy and was really looking forward to this race and also for what should wait me the rest of the weekend.. Luckily I didn’t saw the clock at 2:00 en made my alarm shocking me at 5:30.

On a crystal clear, calm morning started at 8:00 the start for the men, the woman 2 minutes after them. The 1,9km swim went very well en straight after the second woman I left the water, where they surprised me with loads of cheerings: “Vamos Campéona!” Wauw, my mind went back to Hawaï, but also the feeling of happiness to hear how everybody followed the race and knew about my performance!

“You’re 2,5 minute behind the first woman!” BAM back in the race! After half an hour on the bike I catched her. In the 80km course were a few turning points which made it possible to see exactly how I ran out on the girls. With another 20km to go I knew that I should start the half marathon with a gap of about 1minutes in front of the second woman.

After an Ironman I have to be a bit carefull with running because the change to get injured is bigger. Apart from that, the two short sessions I had done before felt a bit slow, but with a racenumber on your hips everything is different😉. Again loads of cheering supporters, the good thing of having a “first female” biker in front of you. Happy to have my mate Paul doing this job as volunteer. He pushed hard and I tried to follow his wheel 😜 No, I had a steady pace, like I couldn’t go faster or even slower. I really enjoyed every kilometer, I can dream them, ‘my’ boulevard where I used to run all my sessions. The supporters, the memories of this season, specially Hawaï, 21km with some stiff legs, but come on! Isn’t that strange?!

The other girls didn’t came closer, but I tried to increase speed anyway to not to pass the 1,5h om the run😉. I crossed the finishline with a big smile and ended my incredible, unforgettable, awesome, or however you wanna call it, season with another wonderfull victory on my home-island!

At my other home🇳🇱 is waiting me a big surprise, well that’s what I home when they organize a party and don’t tell me anything or don’t allow me to set a date with friends😜. Now the time has come to celebrate and enjoy all what I deserved after a long season. Even if the body wants to go on, I realize the mind needs rest now. On the oppositie of 10 months 100% focus will be a few weeks play and enjoy without a plan. Charge my battery, looking out for good sponsorships and making new plans for a really excited new season as rooky pro!

I’m looking forward to it, see you soon!🍾🥂🎉

📸: James Mitchell Photography

Fusionworld – Carreg UK – Tripasion Lanzarote – Trikipedia.nl – WODbeast gym – La Casa del Parmigiano – Centro Deportivo Fariones – Runnersworld Leiden – Stilo Vitae – De Kruif Sportzicht – Coopervision – Schwalbe tires – Torq – Mangocamisa – BOA fitsystem

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